Our Story

Our Story is a Love Story

It didn't start with a love for vines or wine as many wineries do. Our story is a simple love story of two young people who found each other and managed to find so much more along the way. This love story belongs to Jess and Roni Jo Castillo, their children and the loving friends that have been a part of their life.

We came together as two struggling teenagers, at the age of 15 and 16, respectively. We were living on our own during our senior year of high school with no support, emotional or monetary, from both families. We finished high school, working several jobs and by the age of 23, we purchased a home and started our construction business. We bring the same work ethics and standards to the wine business as we have to the construction industry, which is and has been our mainstay throughout our life as a couple.

Image of the cottage

Together, we worked and have had to overcome all of the obstacles that this wonderful thing called life has put before us. Along the way, we are very proud to say, we have raised 3 children. Both of our sons have worked the land right beside their father. They help with the digging, the planting, and the irrigation, among other things, and today, they are still active in the business. Our oldest, Michael, works in the construction business, but come crush time he will be found at the winery doing everything necessary. Next in line is Nate, a Massage therapist/ski and snowboard instructor, who also finds time to be here for the crunch times and is active as a salesman for our winery. Our daughter, Vivienne - is active in theatre arts and is a thriving artist. She is responsible for all of the banner, brochure art, website art and the wine labels that make our bottles distinct. She is always on hand, working the tasting room and helping out during crush.

And of course, we can't forget, the winery pets! It seems it is all the rage in the country's wineries to have them. Haley, the German Shepherd has been welcoming our guests and she is loving the attention she receives. She waits for us all day under the tree, until closing time. However, if a dog lover calls her from her earthy bed, she is happy to escort them to the tasting room. Gordy, well... He waits and watches up at the house, so it is isn't likely that you will see him. Once in a while, our cat Cubby wanders down for a visit. he is a people lover too.

Much has happened since we fell in love with each other, our land, and our vines. It has never been our dream to own a vineyard, but about 7 years ago, we planted an acre of vines to decorate the sloping hillside near our home. Unique circumstances compelled us to plant 7 more acres and propelled us into the wine business. (You'd have to visit us to hear the whole story.)